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uniform notifier for rails logger, customized logger, javascript alert, javascript console, growl and xmpp

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uniform_notifier is extracted from bullet, it gives you the ability to send notification through rails logger, customized logger, javascript alert, javascript console, growl, xmpp, airbrake and honeybadger.


install directly

gem install uniform_notifier

if you want to notify by growl < v1.3, you should install ruby-growl first

gem install ruby-growl

if you want to notify by growl v1.3+, you should install ruby_gntp first

gem install ruby_gntp

if you want to notify by xmpp, you should install xmpp4r first

gem install xmpp4r

if you want to notify by airbrake, you should install airbrake first

gem install airbrake

if you want to notify by Honeybadger, you should install honeybadger first

gem install honeybadger

if you want to notify by rollbar, you should install rollbar first

gem install rollbar

if you want to notify by bugsnag, you should install bugsnag first

gem install bugsnag

if you want to notify by slack, you should install slack-notifier first

gem install slack-notifier

add it into Gemfile (Bundler)

gem "uniform_notifier"

you should add ruby-growl, ruby_gntp, xmpp4r, airbrake, bugsnag, honeybadger, slack-notifier gem if you want.


There are two types of notifications,
one is <code>inline_notify</code>, for javascript alert and javascript console notifiers, which returns a string and will be combined,
the other is <code>out_of_channel_notify</code>, for rails logger, customized logger, growl and xmpp, which doesn't return anything, just send the message to the notifiers.

By default, all notifiers are disabled, you should enable them first.

# javascript alert
UniformNotifier.alert = true

# javascript console (Safari/Webkit browsers or Firefox w/Firebug installed)
UniformNotifier.console = true

# rails logger
UniformNotifier.rails_logger = true

# airbrake
UniformNotifier.airbrake = true
# airbrake with options
UniformNotifier.airbrake = { :error_class => Exception }

# Honeybadger
# Reporting live data from development is disabled by default. Ensure
# that the report_data option is enabled via configuration.
UniformNotifier.honeybadger = true
# Honeybadger with options
UniformNotifier.honeybadger = { :error_class => 'Exception' }

# rollbar
UniformNotifier.rollbar = true

# bugsnag
UniformNotifier.bugsnag = true
# bugsnag with options
UniformNotifier.bugsnag = { :api_key => 'something' }

# slack
UniformNotifier.slack = true
# slack with options
UniformNotifier.slack = { :webhook_url => 'http://some.slack.url', :channel => '#default', :username => 'notifier' }

# customized logger
logger = File.open('notify.log', 'a+')
logger.sync = true
UniformNotifier.customized_logger = logger

# growl without password
UniformNotifier.growl = true
# growl with passowrd
UniformNotifier.growl = { :password => 'growl password' }

# xmpp
UniformNotifier.xmpp = { :account => 'sender_account@jabber.org',
:password => 'password_for_jabber',
:receiver => 'recipient_account@jabber.org',
:show_online_status => true }

# raise an error
UniformNotifier.raise = true # raise a generic exception

class MyExceptionClass < Exception; end
UniformNotifier.raise = MyExceptionClass # raise a custom exception type

UniformNotifier.raise = false # don't raise errors

After that, you can enjoy the notifiers, that's cool!

# the notify message will be notified to rails logger, customized logger, growl or xmpp.
UniformNotifier.active_notifiers.each do |notifier|
notifier.out_of_channel_notify("customize message")

# the notify message will be wrapped by <script type="text/javascript">...</script>,
# you should append the javascript_str at the bottom of http response body.
# for more information, please check https://github.com/flyerhzm/bullet/blob/master/lib/bullet/rack.rb
responses = []
UniformNotifier.active_notifiers.each do |notifier|
responses << notifier.inline_notify("customize message")
javascript_str = responses.join("\n")

Growl Support

To get Growl support up-and-running, follow the steps below:

  • For Growl < v1.3, install the ruby-growl gem: <code>gem install ruby-growl</code>
  • For Growl v1.3+, install the ruby_gntp gem: <code>gem install ruby_gntp</code>
  • Open the Growl preference pane in Systems Preferences
  • Click the "Network" tab
  • Make sure both "Listen for incoming notifications" and "Allow remote application registration" are checked. Note: If you set a password, you will need to set <code>UniformNotifier.growl_password = { :password => 'growl password' }</code> in the config file.
  • Restart Growl ("General" tab -> Stop Growl -> Start Growl)
  • Boot up your application. UniformNotifier will automatically send a Growl notification when Growl is turned on. If you do not see it when your application loads, make sure it is enabled in your initializer and double-check the steps above.

Ruby 1.9 issue

ruby-growl gem has an issue about md5 in ruby 1.9, if you use growl and ruby 1.9, check this gist

XMPP/Jabber Support

To get XMPP support up-and-running, follow the steps below:

  • Install the xmpp4r gem: <code>gem install xmpp4r</code>
  • Make both the sender and the recipient account add each other as contacts. This will require you to manually log into both accounts, add each other as contact and confirm each others contact request.
  • Boot up your application. UniformNotifier will automatically send an XMPP notification when XMPP is turned on.

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